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Quality service and committed employees. How do we do it?

It is important to know whom you are dealing with when you trust your cargo to us. So read on: this is IM UP Trucking Co., this is how we think, and this is how we move.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best and highest quality transport in vehicles and general freight. We accomplish this by promoting a safe and sustainable environment, while sustaining a cohesive family structure built on a foundation of integrity, hard work, and determination to please our customers.

  • Land transport
  • Sea freight
  • Air fright
  • Logistic solutions
  • Industry solutions
  • Custom solutions

Our Principles


At Im Up Trucking and Logistics, we are committed to the workload and long hauls required by our clients. We are also committed to maximizing the team’s output to best serve customers, ensuring timely deliveries and safe retrievals.


We are dedicated to ensuring our customers trust us with their property, and execute our mission with professionalism and accountability. Our drivers are of the highest ranks and are supremely loyal.


We assume full responsibility and accountability for our drivers and products that our clients ship. To facilitate, our team conducts daily inspections with necessary checklists on its vehicles and shipments to guarantee all protocols are met and pass our “thumbs up checklist” to hit the road running.


At Im Up Trucking, we promote a tight knit culture, which we’ve grown organically in the Houston area. Our drivers and owners all belong to the cohesive culture that Im up Trucking instills in all of its employees. This closeness is an extension of family and motivates us to strive for excellence daily.


Meet the IM UP team

Owner Operator/Chief Executive Officer

Donald Sloan

Donald, better known as Sloan, is a 2010 Texas A&M graduate with a degree in Agricultural Leadership and Development. He and his wife Lauren met while they were both athletes at the Aggie campus back in 2009. Together, they have cultivated a family environment and team of experienced drivers and employees. Gifted in spotting top talent, Sloan possesses the ability to lead on and off the court – having been in the professional sports industry for the last 12 years. In his four years as a leading point guard for the TAMU Aggies, Sloan was no stranger to leadership roles. Leveraging that expertise has led him to formulate his own enterprise and lead in a different setting, in a different industry. Sloan and BJ Holmes were college teammates at Texas A&M and share a common bond that has existed over the span of 15 years.

Owner Operator/Chief Financial Officer

Lauren Sloan

Lauren Sloan is the wife of Donald Sloan, and is a Texas A&M graduate, class of 2010 and 2017. Lauren also attended Seton Hall University, along with two study abroad universities in northern and southern Spain. She has experience in venture capitalism, cultivated from her previous work with a start-up consumer electronics company; accounting, harnessed from prior work with PricewaterhouseCoopers, LP; economics and trade, evolving from her policy work conducted at the White House under former President Obama’s last term; and legal, having worked at a leading Houston law firm. In addition to her work with I Am Trucking, she also teaches MBA students within the University of Houston’s education system. Lauren’s chief area of expertise relies at the heart of international economics, finance, and supply chains conducted in international business settings. Lauren has a Masters degree from The Bush School of Government and Public Service, and is a Titan of Investing, under the direction of Britt Harris, CEO of UTIMCO – the investment conduit of the University of Texas/Texas A&M endowment fund. Lauren is proficient in Spanish and speaks some French. She loves family, eating, and anything that challenges her to learn a new skill and grow from it.


BJ Holmes

BJ is a native Houstonian and has a family of 5. His beautiful wife and three little ones serve as his chief motivation for his spirit of hustle. Accordingly, he seeks to get the job accomplished with top performance ratings at the highest levels. BJ has been in the transportation industry for five years with 24 months of active experience as a driver for non CDL car hauling, and has worked for some of the nation’s top industry brands and household names. BJ’s truck of choice is a Dodge Ram 3500 dually truck and trailer. He loves the business and its cultural advantages – his most prized being the ability to travel. BJ loves picturesque scenery and the exploration thereof when on the road, and delivering safe loads delivers him satisfaction.


Roderick Sophus

Roderick, or Rod as we refer to him, is also a native Houstonian, and has a family of 4. Rod is a certified CDL permitted driver with ten years of over the road experience. Rod has coast to coast expertise in hauling general freight and equipment. For the larger loads, Rod has hauled many construction site inputs such as lumber and small factory equipment, but also has experience in cars, trucks, and other types of cargo. Rod loves the industry and has the technical know-how to accomplish long hauls locally, regionally, or nationally. He likes the big boy trucks, and has selected the MZ as his vehicle of choice. In the past, Rod has driven 18-wheelers, and smaller vehicle hot shot equipment.


Rick Lopez

Rick is a seasoned professional that enjoys driving and the open road. For Rick, nothing is more calming than strapping up a load and riding through the open highways. He has extensive experience in box trucks and other lightweight vehicles. Rick enjoys the road so much, that he often finds himself driving for Uber, delivering pizzas, or engaging in other temporary transportation measures. Rick loves automobiles and works on them in his spare time. When Rick isn’t driving, he is engulfed in being a dad, while spending time with his youngest daughter. Rick also has three older children that he has sent off to college and have become professionals themselves – he is a true family man.

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